Doing a professional internship will help you to develop your professional skills in the real world. Doing one of our internship programs will help you be more competent when applying for a job. And besides the fact of doing it in a foreign country in a different language, English, will make a difference and give you advantage against other candidates who apply for the same job as you. You will develop your professional as well as your personal skills.


All inclusive packages: Internship + Accomodation + English classes.

Individual services

For those looking for just one service: internship, accommodation or English lessons.


Ask us anything that concerns you about coming to the United Kingdom to study, doing an internship or if you would like to get a temporary job.

About us

Maria Gallego found The Internship Lab in Spring 2016. She completed her studies in Spain, Canada, United States, Ireland and United Kingdom; and due to the high demand of European students Maria has decided to settle in England to help others achieve their professional goals.

The Internship Lab keeps growing thanks to the network of contacts and partners. Our objective is to keep increasing our partners so we can offer the best service and the greatest support during the student’s stay abroad.


Pablo, Madrid (Spain)

The Internship Lab helped me finding the right English course for me in Leeds. I had a great experience and I loved the city.

Marta, Madrid (Spain)

Después de haber estudiado en Madrid me quise ir a Inglaterra a estudiar un Máster en Dirección de Eventos. The Inernship Lab me ayudó a buscar las Universidades que ofrecían el curso, me ayudó con la solicitud de mi plaza y me recomendó residencias. Sin duda su experiencia me ayudó a planificar mi año en el extranjero.

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In The Internship Lab we are experts helping students coming to the United Kingdom to finish their studies, doing professional internships or attending English classes. However we are flexible and we will do as much as we can to help you with any other concerns about travelling to a foreign country.


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